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The Original Drinkup Hands-free Drinking System is a versatile aid for rehabilitation and independent living.

Completely Hands-free Drinking System

The Original Drinkup is a completely hands-free drinking system specifically designed for individuals with limited mobility or those who are unable to use their hands. Ideal for rehabilitation and great for encouraging independent living, it is suitable for home use, nursing homes, care environments or hospitals.

First Prototyped Back in 1997

This incredibly versatile drinking aid was first prototyped back in 1997 to support our hospitalised grandmother. We noticed that she had become discouraged with her illness and we were determined to reinstate her positive mindset! Giving her back the ability to drink independently, returned some of her independence and helped to restore her dignity. The Drinkup prototype also assisted with faster recovery and helped prevent dehydration.

Why use the Drinkup21?

It is incredibly important to keep well hydrated especially when rehabilitating or recovering from an illness. Dehydration can lead to serious medical complications such as urinary infection, confusion, impaired renal function and blood clotting problems, such as DVT, with older people and those with underlying health conditions posing a higher risk. This makes adequate hydration of crucial importance for carers, as stressed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The Drinkup21 is designed to make drinking easier, therefore improving fluid intake, reducing staff workload and encouraging patient independence and mental well-being.

‘Safe-Siphon’ Mode

The 'Safe-Siphon' Mode has been carefully created for those who are unable to suck or who have a weakened sucking ability. If the Drinkup21 is positioned above the user's mouth, gravity will reduce the effort required to suck in fluids. The flow of fluid can be modulated by the carer adjusting the height of the bottle and the user varying the pressure of their bite on the valve. It is important to assess the user's ability to control their 'on/off' bite action when setting up the system.

  • the carer, adjusting the height of the bottle
  • the user varying the pressure of their bite on the valve (the user’s ability to control their ‘on/off‘ bite action must be assessed when setting up the system).